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Gore's Timely Endorsement

Today Al Gore broke his relative silence on the political scene (save a brilliant turn on 30 Rock for NBC's "Green Week") to come out in support of extending gay couples the full legal right to marry.

I respect and agree in full with his views, here cast as a matter of curbing "promiscuity" and promoting "love and loyalty" in America. But I have to take issue with the political aptitude of this statement. Here, Gore has chosen to throw his weight around in a massively unconstructive fashion. Judge and decry as you see fit, but the fact is neither Obama, Edwards nor Clinton has shown a willingness to spend political capital on the gay rights issue. Why would such an eminent Democratic voice--and potential tiebreaker--spend his time plowing a wedge issue into the race? 

Beats me.

--Dayo Olopade