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Shocked, Shocked

Yes, once again the liberal establishment press is upset by the behavior of the government of Sudan. Now, it's that it has appointed a monster called Musa Hilal, the commandant of the Arab militias subsumed under the Janjaweed, an army of killers responsible for murder and mayhem of a very grand sort, as special adviser to Sudan's Ministry of Federal Affairs.

Here's how the Boston Globe put it in an editorial today ("Sudan's scorn for the world"): "The elevation of this mass murderer should also spur United Nations Security Council members to stop tolerating the dilatory maneuvers of the Khartoum regime..."

Dilatory? This is how Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines "dilatory": "tending or having the intent to cause delay." Hasn't the Globe noticed -- and other preachy institutions and individuals, like Samantha Power -- that Khartoum is murdering its non-Arab population? Murdering, not tending to murder.

I know these good people are shocked, positively shocked by what the Arab militias are doing. But the U.N. won't stop this. And the U.N. is the only force in which they believe. But the U.N. is also permanently and structurally palsied.