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Bill Kristol At The Times

We have a very informative but slightly nasty piece on-line now about how Bill Kristol got to be one of the regular op-ed columnists at the New York Times. The usual stuff about Arthur Sulzberger, some of it either wrong or irrelevant. People at Times Square and some anonymous folk besides are said to be dismayed and one person even "appalled" by the appointment. Why? Because Kristol has slammed the Times on several occasions, even waged war on it? That's a tribute to the Times in two ways. One is that it gets Kristol so angry. And that the paper can take it. You do know this about the new columnist: he won't be a patsy. And he won't be boring.

Which, frankly, you cannot say about Bob Herbert, Gail Collins and the oh so preachy Nicholas D. Kristof.