Mysterious GOP operative "Richelieu" thinks so.

Will Obama try to score in FL, despite the no-campaign deal there, if he surges after a South Carolina win on Saturday? A win there, even in a no-delegate beauty contest, would be a big momentum builder into Super Tuesday. (While your Cardinal is a believer in the loving purity that illuminates all men, the media stories I see reporting a surge in FL absentee votes leads me to suspect that somebody on the Democratic side is busy ignoring the no-campaign rule, and is trying to heist the election with a large subterranean paid program to bank absentee votes. Sneaky, sneaky. ...)

I don't know about those absentee ballots. I do know that, no-compaigning beauty contest or not, if Obama somehow pulls off a surprise Florida win after taking South Carolina on Saturday, that does make for some great Feb.5. momentum. (Bear in mind however that Hillary seems to be about 20 points ahead.)

--Michael Crowley