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Worrying About Obama?

A Democratic media consultant in Boston, Dan Payne, worries on today's Boston Globe op-ed page about Barack Obama. He worries so much (really about nothing) that he has been looking for reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Well, here's the reason with which Payne has come up:

        Hillary is no angel.  We know a lot about Hillary Clinton: Whitewater, filegate, cattle futures, the Chinese dishwashers who wrote
        checks for $500 and $2,000 to her campaign, the money from Ponzi schemer Norman Hsu, the $100,000 from a sleazy marketing       
        operator in Nebraska, who paid her husband $2 million for unspecified 'consulting services.'

        As a result, we know they can take a bullet.  And new revelations won't shatter anyone's illusions about the Clintons.

Translated into real English: everybody knows that Bill and Hillary are truly dishonorable.  There can be no surprises.  Everything can be taken in stride.  Hillary for president.