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Obama V Hillary, Armenian Genocide Edition

This week Obama issued a statement "strongly" supporting the controversial Armenian genocide resolution in Congress and promising that as president, "I will recognize the Armenian genocide."

Now Hillary Clinton has her own statement out today--affirming her support for the resolution (which she has co-sponsored) and implicitly zinging Obama for not sponsoring it.

Alone among the Presidential candidates, I have been a longstanding supporter of the Armenian Genocide Resolution. I have been a co-sponsor of the Resolution since 2002, and I support adoption of this legislation by both Houses of Congress.

But back in October, when the rubber last hit the road on this and the Turks were screaming bloody murder, Hillary seemed to hedge her support : "The adamant expression of real dismay and outrage by this Turkish government has to be factored into this," she said. At that moment in time, that was tantamount to calling for a delay. And endless delay is what the Armenians hate most.

At the same time, it's not clear why if Obama "strongly" supports the resolution he hasn't co-sponsored it.

More fun with one of the stranger bills Washington has ever seen.

P.S. I assume the timing here is about Feb.5 and California. Armenians won't decide the state, to be sure, but  California's delegates are apportioned--and Armenians could well make the difference in couple/few districts there.

--Michael Crowley