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The Bill Clinton Local

Ben Smith asks, "There's a fair amount of chatter today about whether Bill Clinton has gone too far, whether he'll trigger  'backlash.' ... But here's my question: Has anyone met an uncommitted voter, or one likely to support Hillary, who expresses this view? Anybody seen a South Carolina voter quoted saying this?" 

I haven't seen one, and for what it's worth, the local press in S.C. covers Bill completely differently than the national press does. The Myrtle Beach Sun News, the Rock Hill Herald, the Aiken Standard -- look them up on the day Bill comes to town and you'll find hardly any of the critique of him has trickled into them. Even if people in Rock Hill don't much read the Rock Hill Herald, it probably reflects the kind of things they're thinking about better than the Washington Post. In a story about Bill's jaunt yesterday to Myrtle Beach, the Sun News prints this Bill line without comment:

"I have loved this election because I don't have to be against anybody. I've really liked all the people who have run in this election," he said.

Bill's not against anybody? I guess they didn't get Michelle Obama's memo.

-- Eve Fairbanks