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Department Of Peace Out

Since Dayo's already bid a fond farewell to Dennis Kucinich, let me chime in with a good riddance. Actually, I'm pretty surprised Kucinich is dropping out now. In 2004, he didn't quit the race until right before the Democratic convention. And seeing as how his '08 presidential campaign was little more than an ego trip I assumed he'd stick out for as long as he could this time, too. But Kucinich is now facing what could be a tough Democratic primary for his Cleveland Congressional seat in a couple of months, and I guess that's forced his hand. It'd be pretty ironic if Kucinich's active fantasy life wound up costing him his day job.

P.S. If you want to see how one of Kucinich's primary challengers is trying to use his presidential lark against him, here's an ad. 

--Jason Zengerle