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Sc Miscellany

--If you doubted that Obama is running against two Clintons, note that it was Bill who first spoke live on TV this evening (from Missouri), not Hillary. (It took him about 30 seconds to refer to what he called the "big win" coming in Florida this week.)

--If you doubted that the Obama campaign wants to discredit and neutralize one of those Clintons, check out this excerpt from an email sent by Obama press secretary Bill Burton:

 below are the real vote tallies from the precincts that former President Bill Clinton visited tonight:

Greenville 14 607 – Obama 80% (488 votes), Clinton 14.8% (90), Edwards 2% (12)
Greenville 19 705 – Obama 78% (548), Clinton 16% (115), Edwards 5% (37) 

--CNN exit polls affirm the idea that Bill did not help.  

--On MSNBC Pat Buchanan--say what you will about him, he is shrewd about campaign politics--is declaring that Bill Clinton "is smiling tonight" because the racial-polarization strategy "is working."

--And yet: Conventional wisdom is already trashing Bill for likening Obama to Jesse Jackson. Howard Fineman calls the comment "over the line" and says it "really did damage to his wife's campaign."

--Caroline Kennedy endorses Obama in tomorrow's Times

--Whether by design or not, the demographics visible behind Obama during his victory speech were much whiter than his actual vote today. 

--John Edwards's haul among black women: 2 percent

 --Michael Crowley