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Post-sc Roundup

EMK for Obama. (But KKT and co. for Hillary.)

Did Barack subtly invoke Malcolm X in South Carolina? 

Hillary reminds people that Bill saved affirmative action. That's the first time I've heard her say that.

Was the Clinton economic boom bad for blacks? Kaus doesn't buy it.

I'm hearing from resentful Clintonites (not paid campaign staff) who think the media is totally piling on her. 

Paul Krugman may think Obama is running to Hillary's right, but he beat her among "very liberal" SC voters 59-31. (Update: Just a function of race? Commenter dcshungu thinks so.)

To my ears Hillary was clearly affecting a slight Southern accent in Tennessee last night.

On a bland "Face the Nation" appearance this morning she barely acknowledged Obama or the South Carolina results. (She did implicitly zap him for "leav[ing]  people out" of his health care plan.)  

--Michael Crowley