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Will Bloomberg Jump In? Maybe So...

Chris Smith's good piece in New York magazine on top Bloomberg aide Kevin Sheekey certainly makes it seem as if the mayor may run for president. There was also this nugget, which I had not seen reported:

“He’s a master of floating a story line,” says Howard Rubenstein, who knows a few things about manipulating media coverage. “I’ve had a lot of discussions with him. Kevin looks relaxed, but his mind is in overdrive. The thematics of what the mayor would say to make him a possible candidate—largely Kevin’s thinking. What areas Bloomberg should visit, internationally and nationally—Kevin’s thinking.” Behind the scenes, options were kept open. “Kevin asked me if I noticed anything about the date when Bloomberg switched his registration from Republican,” says Frank MacKay, chairman of the Independence Party. “I hadn’t. ‘Colorado,’ Kevin says. ‘That was the date we needed to change if we wanted to be able to get on Colorado’s ballot. No one in the press picked up on it!’?”

--Isaac Chotiner