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$5 Million

That's the amount of money Obama campaign manager David Plouffe says they've raised online since the South Carolina win...

For what it's worth, I'm on the Obama campaign's counter-spin conference call right now. (I got on a little late, but, from what I've heard, the counter-spin seemed to consist mostly of having John Kerry denounce the Clintons for bucking the DNC on Florida, then Plouffe basically ignored Florida and started looking to Feb. 5. Seems like the right posture for them to strike.)

Update: A couple more talking points from Plouffe in response to a question about Florida. Mostly what you'd expect: No delegates up for grabs, that's an incontrovertible fact; Hillary said right after Michigan (another state that wound up in the DNC's crosshairs) that its delegates didn't count; now, two weeks later, she's saying something else.

Plouffe also made this point: Hillary's spending the night in Florida; from our perspective, that's great. We're focused on those 22 states that vote on February 5, not a state where there aren't any delegates up for grabs.

--Noam Scheiber