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Thoughts On The Florida Beauty Pageant

--Hillary is benefitting tonight from the drawn-out Republican verdict. As the cable networks wait for the GOP outcome they're carrying her speech and debating whether Florida is significant. (Obama would prefer that it not be discussed at all, much like Michigan.)

--She thanked Florida for the "vote of confidence" and promised to make it a blue state in November, perhaps trying to futher spin her victory as a sign that she can carry the state in a general election. 

--I shouldn't have bothered speculating that Obama might outperform expectations tonight. However, exit polling does show that voters who decided in the last few days split about evenly for Obama--a sign that the current 21-point margin is a limited reflected of the state of the race.

--That said, Obama will have to do better than split late-deciders in a place like California, where he faces a double-digit deficit, to win there.

--A friend fed up with Obamamania writes:

I don't care if it doesn't count or not, if you are a movement/crusade/2nd coming you don't get 30% in a major state. She is going to get 400,000 more votes than him.  He's losing by 21-22 points. If there is a mass movement , he should have lost by 8-9 points.

--Michael Crowley