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I'm eating a little crow around TNR HQ because, after seeing Rudy several times in South Carolina and New Hampshire this fall, I came away convinced he would be a formidable candidate who could overcome his gruesome baggage.

I think an enduring mystery is why Rudy didn't put more effort into New Hampshire. After failing to catch on right away there he basically gave up, resigning himself to a string of defeats before he made his hapless Florida stand. Bad move.

Word is he'll be dropping out and endorsing McCain as early as tomorrow.

P.S. One theory about Rudy's demise from TNR's Jamie Kirchick: The calming in Iraq dunnit. 

Update: I'm looking over some old Rudy campaign schedules archived in my inbox and realizing it's a big overstatement to say he "gave up" on New Hampshire, where he campaigned hard after Christmas. But Rudy certainly didn't focus on NH like he could have. I might have more to add in a later item. 

--Michael Crowley