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Hillary On 'the Snub'


Seeking to max out her Florida showing Hillary Clinton conducted live interviews on all the cable networks tonight. On Fox, she reaffirmed her belief that the Michigan and Florida delegations should be seated at the Democratic convention and shrugged off a question about the even split among late-deciding voters, claiming she only pays attention to the final vote total.

Then Chris Wallace asked her if she felt "snubbed" when Barack Obama turned away from her as she shook Ted Kennedy's hand at last night's State of the Union address. I was sure Hillary would play this one magnanimously and insist that it had been a misunderstanding, but instead she chose to push the story a bit:

"Well Chris, I reached out my hand in friendship and unity, and my hand is still reaching out. And I look forward to shaking his hand when I see him at the debate in California."  

She quickly added that any differences among Democrats "pale in comparison" to those between Democrats and Republicans. Still, she had to know this would fuel a minor story that I suspect the Clintonites see as a useful echo of Obama's "you're likeable enough" debate moment in New Hampshire. 

(Personally I didn't think "The Snub" was really worth paying attention to until I saw--via Ben Smith--that it had broken through to mass-market shows like "The View" and "Inside Edition.")  

Update: See TPM for her semi-contrite response to a question on CNN about whether Bill crossed any lines. 

--Michael Crowley