The New York senator was just on tv telling Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews about her "big victory" in Florida tonight. I understand that her campaign wants to spin Florida and Michigan as wins, but it sure sounded pathetic when she went off about her victory in Michigan; her name was the only one on the ballot. "My opponents made a big effort to have people vote "uncommitted" and we still won," she said. Incredible!

On the GOP side, Josh makes the key point:

According to the exit polls, McCain beat Romney by four points among voters who named the economy as their top concern. There are a couple different ways to interpret this--"the economy" is sufficiently generic that those could have been voters primarily concerned about pork-barrel spending or the like--but that seems like a potentially huge problem for Romney going forward.

Finally, did anyone find Romney's family values focus in his concession speech a little strange? What is the thinking there?

--Isaac Chotiner