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Clinton As Victim, Continued

I see via Mike (who noticed via Ben Smith) that Obama's so-called "snub" of Hillary Clinton at the State of the Union address has made it over to the pop cultural arena. On Inside Edition we get in-depth analysis of Obama's body language as he dissed his colleague. And then, on The View, Whoopi Goldberg goes off about Hillary Clinton bravely walking into a "tough room" (with all the boys) on a day where she "had just been exposed, as if someone snatched off her clothes." Whoopi is of course "very proud" of Clinton (the cheering crowd in the background appears to agree). Moreover, why did the "triumphant" Obama have to "stand on Hillary's throat?" 

 Please, please tell me this is not going to become a bigger story...

Update: You do, however, have to wonder what on earth Obama was thinking. I know he is probably furious with the Clintons, and rightfully so, but hasn't he learned his lesson?

 --Isaac Chotiner