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Obama Bouncing? (don't Shoot Me If I'm Wrong.)

A new Rasmussen Poll has Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tied in Connecticut, 40-40. Connecticut is a small state, but I think this is significant because this is the first poll that I know of taken entirely after the South Carolina primary, and it's a potential straw in the wind of a major bounce. (The last Connecticut poll -- which was taken by another organization so it's not apples-to-apples -- had Clinton up 14.)

Update: Reader aref_j points out that a new Gallup poll has Obama surging to within a few points of Clinton nationally: "Barack Obama has now cut the gap with Hillary Clinton to 6 percentage points among Democrats nationally in the Gallup Poll Daily tracking three-day average, and interviewing conducted Tuesday night shows the gap between the two candidates is within a few points."

--Jonathan Chait