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And You Thought Michigan And Florida Were Screwed...

It's bad enough that Jonny Greenwood's astonishing, innovative score for There Will Be Blood was ruled ineligible for an Oscar by the Academy (but not, of course, until seven days after balloting had concluded, forcing the Academy to instruct Price Waterhouse to simply ignore the--presumably many--votes cast on its behalf). Now comes word that "Falling Slowly," the one Oscar-nominated song from the marvelous indie Once, may be retroactively disqualified as well. 

Obviously, there's a reason for the Academy's rules regarding the "originality" of songs and scores. But at the very least, they ought to be able to make their eligibility decisions before everyone's already voted

--Christopher Orr

Update: Oops. This was apparently resolved last night. "Falling Slowly" remains in Oscar contention. Thanks to doubtofbuddha for the heads up (and to ndmackenziwe for the help spelling "Jonny").