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Tnr's Super Tuesday Primer

There's only one week left until Super Tuesday, and TNR is here to help you make sense of the 24 states that will be hold primaries or caucuses on February 5. With 52 percent of all pledged Democratic Party delegates and 41 percent of the total Republican Party delegates at stake, next Tuesday's results will be crucial for both party's candidates in securing the presidential nomination. Check out our Super Tuesday Primer for analysis of new states every day leading up to February 5.

First stop, Arkansas: "Beneath Arkansas’ red surface (it went for Bush in 2000 and 2004) lies a blue underbelly: Five of six congressional seats are held by Democrats, as are many state and local offices. That said, neither race is expected to be competitive, as each features a former resident of the Governor’s Mansion: former First Lady Hillary Clinton and former Governor Mike Huckabee. However, their opponents have a chance at picking off some delegates..."

Click here for your complete Super Tuesday rundown for Arkansas.

--The Editors