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Coping With Mccain

It's going to be a lot of fun watching conservatives come to terms with the fact that McCain's likely to be the GOP nominee. I don't know if Hewitt and Limbaugh will ever get there, but other right-wingers are rapidly working through the five stages. My favorite bit of coping so far comes from RedState's Ben Domenech (via Andrew):

Yet this is also what I’ve always admired about McCain, even if conservatives curse him in the course of legislative battle: he is the same man, whichever side he is on. He brings that same infuriating passion to our cause when his inner compass has led him to alliance. His support of the surge confounded the glitterati of the MSM, who gave him every opportunity to break with the president in a fashion that would’ve led to countless more cover appearances for the late-night self-pleasuring of pimply interns of the New Republic. And yet he could not be agreeable to them, as tempting as the doyennes and the cameras were: he rambled through, grousing yet triumphant, middle fingers raised to Rumsfeld on the right and the New York Times on the left. Even if you dislike McCain, you have to admit: It was a glorious moment for him.

I'm so glad TNR--and our complexions--could play a role in helping Domenech achieve closure.

--Jason Zengerle