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New Clinton Gambit

Speaking to a crowd of 10,000 in Denver today, Barack Obama played off of last night's Florida GOP results by focusing on the rise of John McCain and what it will take for Democrats to beat him this fall. Obama said Democrats need a nominee who at once "will not unite the other party against us," but will also offer clear contrasts to McCain on Iraq, Iran, and foreign diplomacy.

On a conference call with reporters just now, Clinton strategist Mark Penn is trying a bit of political jujitsu, citing the speech as evidence that Obama is now the one waging a nasty negative campaign. Penn called Obama's remarks a "greatest hits" of anti-Hillary attacks that contradicts his uplifting image. Clinton spokesman Phil Singer chimed in to describe Obama's comments as "blistering."

With Democrats complaining about the recent tone of her campaign Hillary probably feels boxed in from launching fresh attacks on Obama. But playing the victim has worked for her before, and she seems to be trying it again. That's why her campaign seems so fond of that "snub" storyline.

--Michael Crowley