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In Hopes Of Mccain V. Obama

Now that it seems as if John McCain may actually win the Republican presidential nomination most of the Democrats who wouldn't in a million years vote for Hillary are heaving big sighs of relief, even pleasure. They could actually vote for McCain, some would do so while viewing him as the lesser of two evils, many more with contentment that he is a centered and honest person, which in this hokey age is a big thing.

As some of you have detected, I am pleased to be an Obama supporter. He's who I'll vote for in the Masachusetts primary next Tuesday. And who'd I'd vote for in November. Both votes with conviction and enthusiasm.

But, if Obama lost to McCain in the November election, I might be depressed but not bitter.

Yes, I know that McCain is an old school conservative on many matters. But he has a liberal temperament, even if he was for Goldwater in 1964.

Come to think of it, Hillary Rodham was for Goldwater in 1964, too. A true believer then. A true believer during the ascendancy of the somewhat nutty left only a few years later. And now she is also a true believer, a true believer in herself and her distinctive brand (with her husband, to be sure) of the politics of meanness.