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Obama, Hillary, And Pierce Brosnan

Is it just me, or is it a bit of an annoyingly awkward image for the party of the working class that, in this debate, whenever the cameras pan out into the crowd they hit some sexy, beautifully-dressed Hollywood star -- they've zoomed in on Jason Alexander, Pierce Brosnan, Isaiah Washington, Topher Grace? The Reagan Library might be hokey, but the Dem crowd at this debate location is unfortunate. The audience pan shots could be exchanged with an Oscar ceremony and you wouldn't know the difference.

Update: Sean Connery, Stevie Wonder, Rob Reiner ... 

P.S.: Okay, okay, some commenters are mocking me for the apparent inclusion of Jason Alexander under the umbrella "sexy" category. I'll admit this was a composition error. However, this highly scientific website ranks Jason Alexander's "Sexiness" as "11.4411%," that percentage being the "number of websites that think Jason Alexander is sexy." Could any of you achieve this rating across 11.4111% of the Internet?

-- Eve Fairbanks