For those wonks and TNR dorks out there, I figured I'd highlight this Bloggingheads "diavlog" I did with Cato's Brink Lindsey this week. You can view the whole episode here, but this particular segment features a debate Brink and I had about whether the country is fundamentally populist, whether Democrats could survive if they became more libertarian, and how these two questions have played out in the presidential primaries so far. Enjoy (so to speak)...

(Three quick viewing notes: 1.) The wonkiest stuff comes at the beginning. If you fast-forward about halfway through, it gets a little more concrete. 2.) Please be warned that, thanks to an unfortunate shirt/wall-color combination, I look like a disembodied head. Could be a selling point if you're into that kind of thing, but I apologize in advance if you're not. 3.) I say at the outset that I'm broadly sympathetic to free markets and trade. This is true, though I should point out that I'm much less so than I was even two years ago, and certainly eight years ago. It wasn't worth tracing out every nook and cranny of my worldview here, but you can read this recent piece if you're interested in how it's changed lately.)

Update: This obviously isn't working. The web people tell me we're having some problems with embedded video today. If you still want to watch, go ahead and click on that first link. The portion excerpted here is basically the last segment that's listed there, which you can click on directly.

--Noam Scheiber