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Fight Of The Day: Obama's Health Care Mailer


I've mentioned before how the Clintonites feel that Obama pays a much lower price for attacking them than the other way around. The reaction to Obama's latest health care mailer, which portrays Hillary's plan much as conservatives and industry lobbyists did in 1993, may be a good barometer of that.

Hillary's South Carolina radio ad suggesting that Obama had a soft spot for Reaganite policies was more brazenly dishonest. It really was below the belt. (See Hertzberg.) But Hillary can and will retort here that Obama's mailer isn't just unfair, it actually harms progressivism. (Krugman, already no fan of Obama, calls it "destructive." Our own John Cohn weighs in similarly.)

For more, see Ben Smith's account of a pushback Clinton conference call (in which one health wonk goes overboard with a Nazi analogy). 

And read the full mailer here. (Warning: Large file.) 

--Michael Crowley