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Gop Governors Can't Stand Romney Either

It's not just his fellow Republican presidential candidates who hate Mitt Romney. Politico's Charles Mahtesian reports that Romney seems to have achieved the remarkable feat of earning the enmity of Republican governors while serving as chair of the Republican Governors Association:

There are plenty of reasons that might explain the former Massachusetts governor’s surprisingly weak support among his former colleagues. But one of them stands out: He appears to have inadvertently alienated a good many of his fellow governors as RGA chairman.

“Right or wrong, the general impression was that he spent way too much time on himself and building his presidential organization,” said a top Republican strategist who has worked closely with the RGA in recent years. “I don’t think anyone ever questioned Romney’s commitment to the organization or the work he put in. They questioned his goals or his motives. Was it to elect Republican governors, or to tee up his presidential campaign?”

Whatever his faults, poor Mitt certainly doesn't deserve this! I can just see the G8 meetings during a Romney administration: the cool kids (Angela, Gordon, Nicolas and his hot new wife) head out for a night on the town, while Mitt sits in his hotel room, waiting in vain for someone to text him and let him know what the plans are.

--Josh Patashnik