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"yes We Can"

I'm still torn about whether this helps Obama or hurts him (I'd say it helps in a Democratic primary, particularly in California). But, either way, it's a sight to behold:

Update: When I posted this around 11:00 AM, it had been viewed about 85,000 times on YouTube. Now it's up to 153,000 (3:30 PM). It'll be interesting to see where it ends up Tuesday morning. (And, no, I'm not claiming credit for that uptick. At least not all of it...)

In the meantime, keep those comments coming. It's a pretty fascinating Rorschach test.

Update, 12:30 AM, Feb. 4: 479,954 views. (Note also that YouTube doesn't update views continuously, so this could be few hours old...) 

--Noam Scheiber