George Stephanopoulos this morning: "I tend to agree... that this is likely to go on for a very long time, with one exception: if Barack Obama wins California."

I don't think an Obama win in Cali by itself means the media calls the race. Obama would probably also need to win a clear majority of states and come out more than marginally ahead in delegates. Maybe he could get away with splitting the popular decisions if he had a substantial delegate edge.  

Zogby shows Obama with a 4-point CA lead, while Rasmussen apparently has him up by a point. And the new in-state Field Poll shows Hillary by two. (It also shows an even split in the white vote at 35. Hillary leads among Latinos, expected to make up 20 percent of the vote, by a 52-19 margin. Obama carries blacks, expected to make up 12 percent of the vote, by 55-19.)

--Michael Crowley