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Hillary Is Neither Hip Nor Open To Fresh Ideas

The Financial Times has an article in Saturday's edition about the sartorial tastes of the remaining male presidential cadidates. The article has photographs of Romney, McCain, Barack Obama and John Edwards who, as you know, has dropped out. In any case, it wasn't his clothes which spoke to the electorate but his haircut. This cost $1,100 which made it hard to come across as someone who identifies with the struggling classes.
Actually, the article said almost nothing about the suits the candidates wear.  So here's a secret from the Obama camp.  He wears clothing by the American designer, Joseph Abboud. Yes, Abboud presumably is of Arab descent. So what? And, anyway, I like and wear Abboud sweaters and sport coats. Abboud fabrics are always fine, and the cut is contemporary but not hip.  Which is very good for the candidate who appeals to young people who are hip and to others who are open to fresh ideas. And fresh styles.
Which is certainly nothing you can say about Hillary Clinton.