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Celebrity Cash

There's an article in the Metro section of Sunday's Times which may not have been included in the on-line edition. It reported on the contributions of selected celebrities to the various candidates. Ah, a very important dispatch. Clip it, save it. Hasn't the Times got more significant news to tell on the newspaper of record?

In any case, Alec Baldwin, the intellectual lightweight of the Hollywood left, gave $2,000 to Hillary Clinton. Out of loyalty, I suppose.

Donald Trump's eldest son donated $4,000 to Hillary and $4,600 to Guiliani, this contribution now counted in the "wasted" column.

Charles Dolan, chairman of Cablevision, and his son, James Dolan, each gave $4,600 to Clinton, although the father also contributed to Fred Thompson and John McCain. These donors are but another example of those whose contributions have nothing rational to do with their politics.

I don't know who Donny Deutsch is.  But he gave $4,600 to Hillary and $4,500 to John Edwards.

The most intriguing contribution is the contribution from Rupert Murdoch.  To Mrs. Clinton, at $2,300. But, as I pointed out a few days ago, his newspaper, the New York Post, endorsed Barack Obama.

Obama does not play all that well with the celebs.  Congratulations to him.