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About That Tear


I've seen no mention of Hillary's emotional moment on the same cable networks that replayed her misty New Hampshire moment incessantly. Hard to believe but it sounds like it may not have been caught on camera, in which case it probably has roughly zero impact.

Update: Hold that analysis! See above photo. More: Now video! On first viewing it seems like a non-event to me. (But then I think that's what I said in New Hampshire, so decide for yourself...)

P.S.  Yes, the notion that such a thing could affect Super Tuesday is madness. But given the convincing evidence that Hillary's last teary episode played a real role in New Hampshire I find it impossible to ignore. That said she doesn't seem to have been defending herself here or saying anything substantive about her candidacy, only getting a bit nostalgic, so I still expect limited impact.

--Michael Crowley