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Doing It For Votes!

In all the Super Tuesday craziness, it almost slipped my mind that it's Mardi Gras. And while Louisiana (wisely) didn't schedule its primary for today, there are plenty of other cities across this great nation--including in today's politically hot hot hot Golden State--where large packs of revelers take to the streets to get drunk, rowdy, and naked. (Ah, who could forget the San Luis Obispo Mardi Gras riots of 2004?)

I'm thinking this could present some truly exciting GOTV opportunities for all the candidates and their surrogates. Forget showing some skin in exchange for beads: How 'bout dropping trou for votes? Desperate? Tasteless? Potentially terrifying? You bet. But this is crunch time, people, and some times a candidate needs to show s/he'll go that extra mile.

[Warning! Video vulgarity alert]

 --Michelle Cottle