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Super Tuesday Primer: Missouri

The next stop on TNR's Super Tuesday Primer is the lovely state of Missouri:

"Missouri is 'a relentlessly average state'--according to University of Missouri professor David Robertson--with an economy that mimics the national economy, and demographics similar to the nation as a whole. 'Missouri is a natural laboratory' of American politics, Robertson says--if it’s happening there, there’s a good bet it’s happening countrywide. The primaries also echo national trends: Obama and Clinton are tied, pitting the Democratic establishment against the party's “mavericks” and Obama’s strong local organization (which benefits from volunteers out of nearby Illinois). McCain has a solid lead over Romney and Huckabee, who are splitting the conservative vote..."

Click here for your complete Super Tuesday rundown for Missouri. Check out our Super Tuesday Primer for analysis of new states every day leading up to February 5.

--The Editors