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How To Endorse Obama -- And Criticize Him

DrSteveB, as he calls himself, writes a smart blog for DailyKos that is mostly about health care.  Today, he explains his reasons for supporting Barack Obama. 

By itself, that's hardly unusual.  I've seen endorsements all over the web today, mostly for Obama although some for Clinton.  What interested me in this one -- and why I think some readers might find it useful -- is that he makes a case for Obama while recognizing the legitimate concerns about his candidacy, particularly when it comes to health care.    

DrSteveB -- who is apparently a real physician -- also gives a nice plug for single-payer health insurance, which he has long promoted unabashedly.  (He is a member of Physicians for a National Health Plan.) That idea hasn't gotten the attention or credit it deserves this campaign season, so that's one more reason to check out the item.

--Jonathan Cohn