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Cia Chief: We Waterboarded

Lest we forget that there are other things going on in the world beside Super Tuesday, the AP reports that CIA director Michael Hayden, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirmed publicly for the first time that the CIA waterboarded three captured Al-Qaeda operatives. The writeup also contains this:

McConnell praised Pakistan's cooperation in the fight against extremists, saying that hundreds of Pakistanis have died while fighting terrorists. He said Islamabad has done more to "neutralize" terrorists than any other partner of the United States.

Not to belittle the sacrifice of the Pakistani soldiers in question, but should Musharraf's government really get credit for doing more to fight terrorists than any other country when it's in no small measure his policies that have ensured that there are more terrorists in Pakistan than anywhere else in the first place?

--Josh Patashnik