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Super Tuesday Primer: Montana

The next stop on TNR's Super Tuesday Primer is the majestic state of Montana:

"Setting up their February 5 caucus, Montana Republicans took one look at Wyoming's closed, convoluted (pro-Romney) caucus system--which provides little opportunity for public participation--and decided it was too democratic. As Montana GOP director Chris Wilcox explained to me, the party streamlined the system so only precinct representatives and elected or appointed officials can caucus (thus eliminating the unwieldy process of voter involvement). If this libertarian state ran an open primary, McCain might have a chance. But he is 'significantly more centrist than the party that's in power,' according Jeffrey Greene of the University of Montana. 'The Republican Party of Montana is a relatively conservative organization--more like some organizations in the deep South.' Montana is thus likely an airtight win for Romney."

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--The Editors