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Fine Young Cannibals, Ctd., Ctd.

Victor Davis Hanson at the Corner:

[S]o far today I have gotten the usual daily spam e-mail from various fringe and self-acclaimed conservative groups and personages — variously alleging that McCain was not a real war hero, questioning his conduct during capture, commenting on his marital situation, and suggesting he was unhinged and identical to Ted Kennedy, Hillary (fill in the blanks). I think for most the level of vituperation is astounding and completely unforeseen...

The McCain animus apparently transcends ideology. He has admitted his mistakes on immigration, and would not raise taxes, while his ACU ratings are good, and his ADA/ACLU scores are lousy — nearly the exact opposite of those of Obama and Clinton. Again, the anger apparently derives from his gratuitous past snubbing of prominent conservatives (especially the notion that a rude McCain didn't need them then, but a conciliatory one does now) and can't be assuaged. At this point, I take the base's claims they will sit out — or that Hillary or Obama is no worse than McCain--as genuine....

[T]he McCain animus is deeply ingrained and apparently can't be retracted. It only makes things worse either to attack sincere anti-McCainites or to ask them to reconsider, or to ask them to vote for the lesser of what they see as the two evils. As they say, the die has been cast, and everyone will have to live with the results.

--Christopher Orr