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Obama's Delegate Windfall?

Following up on the point below about Georgia: Exit polls are also showing an Obama romp in Illinois, which is the night's third-biggest prize with 185 delegates. As with GA, Obama's margin looks massive--70-30, according to the latest exits--which at a district level is enough to overcome the leveling effect of DNC rules on delegate allocation.

Hillary's blowout states, by contrast,  offer many fewer delgates. One is Oklahoma, with 47 delegates--and even there her margin appears in the range of 30 points, which suggests the margin in many districts might not be wide enough to cause a big delegate swing. She also looks very strong in Arkansas, for obvious reasons, which also has 47 delegates at stake.

So to recap: Obama blowouts in GA and IL, home to 288 delegates. Hillary blowouts in AR and OK, home to 94 delegates. That's not how she wants to start the night, I imagine.

One last though about Illinois: Is Hillary really going to lose her home state by 30-40 points?

--Michael Crowley