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Clinton Conference Call

The campaign is now holding a call with reporters. Mark Penn bragged that Clinton showed strength in both the Northeast and red states like Oklahoma and Tennessee. He also noted that "people who decided on the last day tended to support Senator Clinton" and, turning a recent Obama storyline on its head, argued that "given more time, she would have done better."

Penn also added that "we're encouraged by what we're hearing from California," but stopped short of claiming that it's in the bag. And he referred to Massachusetts as "the biggest upset," citing Obama's endorsements and (if i heard right)  organization there. ("Beating" the Kennedys is a dramatic storyline the Clintons will presumably want to push hard.)

Asked about evidence of racial splits in some states tonight, Howard Wolfson did not want to touch the subject, giving a bland answer about how the Democratic party is an inclusive "family."

Finally, I haven't heard this myself, but a New York Daily News reporter who asked a question said the Obama campaign is predicting they will win the delegate count tonight (not a surprise). The Clinton team did not refute that but said it was too early to know.

--Michael Crowley