There's this weird thing happening on Fox News. As folks have been discussing the Republican race in Utah--and just a few minutes ago when Brit Hume called the race--people have noted that Mitt Romney's support in the state "is no surprise" because Romney..wait for it... "went to college there."

Huh? How off-point is that? Romney won Utah because, like it or not, his candidacy has been intimately, inextricably wrapped up in his Mormonism and Utah is hip deep in Mormons. They're everywhere. They heavily funded Romney's early campaign (before he started funding it himself) and they turned out to vote for him today.

I'm sorry. I realize we're not supposed to talk about people's religion in this race. (Unless you're Mike Huckabee, trying to win by endlessly hawking your close personal relationship wtih Jesus). But come on, guys. Because "he went to college there"? I'd expect this kind of weird PC pussyfooting from other networks. But Fox?

Update: As some colleagues point out, Obama did attend L.A.'s Occidental College for a couple of years before transferring to Columbia. So we definitely should have expected him to win California, right?

--Michelle Cottle