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F You, Dubya

A peculiar moment in Mitt Romney's very peculiar "victory" speech (in which, among other oddities, a major applause line was his pointing out that he can win in states--Michigan, Utah, Massachusetts--where he's been a resident; if France could vote, he'd be a shoo-in): Listing "great presidents" he cites Ronald Reagan, "George Herbert Walker Bush," and Teddy Roosevelt.

The implied dis of Bush the Younger is all the odder given that Romney generally seems most popular (insofar as he's popular at all) with Republicans who are still enamored of W. A Freudian slip? A moment of frustration that he positioned himself as a successor to Bush II, instead of as the moderate, patrician, business establishment, Bush-I-style Northeasterner he really is? Beats me, but any theories are welcome.

--Christopher Orr