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Clinton: Yes On Stem Cells, No On Republicans

Hillary Clinton just mentioned stem cell research in her evening speech.  (I refuse to call it a victory speech, or a concession for that matter, when we know so little about the delegate counts and California remains too close to call.)  And while I'm sure it's not the first time somebody has mentioned stem cells this campaign season, it's the first time I recall hearing it.  I mention this only because it's traditionally been a very good issue for Democrats.  And I'd forgotten all about it until now.

On a more general note, Clinton is spending a lot of time in her speech talking about the failures of Republicans -- and how she's looking forward to kicking them out of office.  (My words, not hers.)  I'll have to go back and check her past speeches, but, as I recall, this is a more explicitly partisan pitch than she usually gives.  To me, it's reminiscient of the stuff we used to hear from John Edwards -- which, perhaps, helps explain why it's in there.  (Note: I haven't seen her stump speech in a while, so it's entirely possible this has been her strategy for a week or two now.) 

It's definitely a contrast to what I've heard from Obama, whose speeches typically contain just one, maybe two explicit references to the GOP. 

Is that good?  Bad?  I guess that depends on where you stand on the whole partisanship thing.  

--Jonathan Cohn