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Obama, "establishment" Candidate?

That's how Mark Penn just referred to Barack Obama in the campaign's latest conference call. (Penn referred to his "establishment campaign of big endorsements, money, and Super Bowl ads.") I was mischievously joking about this notion in the office the other day but didn't think we'd actually hear it from the Clintonites. 

That said, Obama does have the party's last presidential nominee, the Kennedys, Tom Daschle, and much of the congressional leadership behind him.

Also, for what it's worth, Mark Penn claims Hillary is having a record fund raising day on the web. Gaming out the next few weeks, it looks quite possible that she would simply run out of money. A fundraising boost, if it's real, would be vital for her.

Asked whether the Clintons had put any of their own money in the campaign, meanwhile, spokesman Howard Wolfson said he didn't know but would find out and report back.

--Michael Crowley