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My Sway Over New England Jewry

I don't know how Shmuel Rosner of Ha'aretz got the breakdown of Jewish voters so fast. He estimates that most Jews who voted in the Democratic primaries voted for Hillary -- but by much smaller margins that had been predicted.

It's no surprise that Illinois Jewry went with Obama, as New York Jewry went with Hillary.

But Connecticut Jews chose Barack over Clinton by a whopping 61% to 38%. And the Jews of Massachusetts chose Barack over Clinton by 52% to 48%.

Rosner credits Alan Solomont, one of Obama's fundraisers, with this last victory. But, frankly, regular voters don't know the fundraisers and, even if they do, they don't really care what they think. So, with my writing about Obama, I take responsibility for his margin among the Jews of the Bay State. And, while I am at it, why shouldn't I take responsibility for the Connecticut margin too?