Did you notice that there were very few African-Americans in the crowded prime spot behind Hillary where managers parade their message about the folk to whom the campaign is now targeted? Clinton has lost the black vote to Obama, and she has won the Asians and Hispanics in an exchange that has still to be tested statistically. Does she win this transaction or does he?

As for her dysfunctional family, she did say, "I want to thank the most important people in my life, first Bill and Chelsea, for their incredible love." I'll leave Chelsea out of this. But Bill? He was not on the stage, beside her or behind her. Maybe this was punishment for his certifiably bad and, worse yet to the madam, costly behavior during the last two weeks. Someone said last night at an election night party: "If the Clintons get elected maybe other dysfunctional families will feel less shame. Maybe they'll even parade their dysfunction."

Which does make me think of Chelsea. She was deprived of what should be one of the rights of a child, that her parents not embarrass her in public.

Maybe this should be added to the demands of the Children's Defense Fund for whom Hillary worked after law school. It was a low echelon job. A friend of mine had the post just before Hillary, so I know. Of course, Hillary now talks about it as if she were the right hand (or maybe the left) of Marian Wright Edelman. By the way, it would be interesting to know who Marian and Peter are supporting for president.