Sticking with the theme du jour, this Mark Halperin nugget seems pretty remarkable if true: Apparently several senior Hillary staffers, including campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle, are working for free this month.

Two quick thoughts come to mind:

1.) My hunch is that, for all the spin leading up to last night--about how the Clintons were prepared for a long slog, possibly to the convention--all the concrete planning, much of it admittedly done weeks if not months in advance, basically operated from the assumption that this race would end on February 5. Obviously that's proving to be a pretty disastrous assumption. (Though I'm not sure what the alternative was. Presumably they'd have raised more money if it was possible...)

2.) If Hillary had come up short in California or Massachusetts last night--obviously a big if given her comfortable margins in both places--I think her campaign might very well be dead right now. The fundraising situation has really left them with no margin for error.

--Noam Scheiber