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The Money Primary

Even with her $5 million self-loan, the Clinton cash crunch is severe enough that some senior Hillary staffers are forgoing salaries this month. The Caucus adds that

Her advisers says she’s considering another loan because money is tight now... although she won many states yesterday, including some very big states like New York and California, the victories weren’t resoundingly decisive enough... to inspire a lot of new giving...

Meanwhile, perhaps more amazingly, Obama is reportedly on pace for another $30 million month, including $2.2 million raised in the last 24 hours.

That is a really tough state of affairs for her to survive. 

On the other hand, he needs money more than she does. Gallup now has her up thirteen points nationally. And depending on how much money the Clintons have to burn, she'll probably keep her head above water for a few more weeks.

But if, as is likely, the race drags past Texas and Ohio on March 4, and this fund-raising gap persists, she's in huge trouble heading toward Pennsylvania on April 22.

--Michael Crowley