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The Hillary Internet-money Boom

Since I've written today about the possibility of the Clintons' self-funding part of Hillary's campaign, it must be pointed out that, if they keep having days like they did yesterday, it may all be moot.

This is from the Clinton campaign e-mail I got today, subject line "$$$$":

The Clinton campaign today announced that it raised more than $4 million online in the day after polls closed on Super Tuesday. It was Hillary’s biggest single day of contributions since the campaign’s launch.

The campaign had set a goal of raising $3 million in three days -- and exceeded its target in less than 24 hours. The new goal is $6 million in 72 hours.

"We are gratified for this tremendous outpouring of support, “said Clinton Campaign Internet Director Peter Daou. “From over a million volunteer hours to millions of dollars in contributions from thousands of online donors across the country, Sen. Clinton's grassroots support is a key part of her campaign's success."

In the past 48 hours, more than 35,000 donors have contributed to the campaign...

It sounds like Obama had an even better day, but this is unquestionably an impressive (and much-needed) show of strength.

--Noam Scheiber