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Hillary's Money

Everybody knows by now that Hillary Clinton had loaned her campaign $5 million: "I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money," she said more than a bit defensively.  And then she went on to insist, "That's where I got the money."  Of course, she got the money from her husband's blah-blah in Dubai.

So why did she need the money?  Although "we had a great month fundraising in January," in fact, "broke all records," Obama beat her by more than 2 to 1, much more than that margin. The fact is that, if she doesn't have cash to put TV ads on in Ohio and Texas, she will be toast. Hers has been up to now a Platinum Card spree, with the extravagance starting at the top, which is not her but Mark Penn. The extravagance there remains; it's the underlings who will be skimped upon.

"I loaned it," the money, that is, her money, that's where she got it, "because I believe very strongly in this campaign."  Not because she's ambitious, mind you, but because she believes.